Picture Book Review: Magical Matthew


What if you had a gift, but were afraid to let anyone know? In Magical Matthew, Matthew has a gift to fix things. He can fix broken toys, watches, but he can’t fix his friend.
Through their playtime, Lily notices that her friend is just as special as she is, just in a different way. Matthew confides in his friend and together the begin to fix things. Only Matthew looses his gift of magical-fixes. He feels bad. Lily and his grandmother point out that he is a great problem-solver and that is a gift all to itself.

Magical Matthew shows readers that they are special in more than what they can do. Sometimes being someone’s friend and appreciating them for who they are is the best gift to have.

Magical Matthew is written by Penelope Anne Cole. Ms. Cole has a background in teaching and loves to involve children in her stories.
Keven Collier’s illustrations of magic and know-how bring the story to life.


Guardian Angel Publishing, 2012
ISBN# 9781616333256 (HC)
9781616333263 (SC)
9781616333386 (eB)


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